Founded in 2020, we've made it from small consultancy to 6-figure agency in two short years and one global pandemic.


Who Are We?

Our mission is to breathe life into financial marketing. Content provides the backbone to all marketing, but is often the most time-consuming part. Regular content faces even more barriers – written can be difficult to maintain consistency with, and video can be hard to make. By providing regular written and video content, we were able to help financial markets brands grow, regardless of the size of their marketing department.

We started with content marketing, but we soon found many founders struggle with a range of areas in marketing, including how to optimize websites for SEO, how to start a podcast, or how to leverage social media. We expanded our offering to include end-to-end marketing management for small to medium financial markets businesses. 


How We Got Here

Our founders saw that content provided the backbone to any strong marketing strategy, but that FinTech's and financial institutions were being quoted unreasonable prices. Fintech Content Ltd was founded to provide quality content at reasonable prices to small to medium Fintech consultancies and financial businesses. 

Our services then expanded from written content into video, and we've been proud to develop our video department into something that provides a unique and exciting service. 

Lastly, we applied our strong marketing experience to a range of areas, and began providing an end-to-end marketing department for several financial markets businesses. 

For over two years, we've been providing excellent video and written subscription content to FinTechs and financial institutions, get in touch to join the content revolution and start marketing with ease.